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The possibilities are endless with DuraGuard’s extensive product selection, custom configured to order in 5 USA locations and shipped in less than a week. Let us be your outdoor lightning solutions provider.

About us

Worldwide leader of the lighting industry

Established in 1989, DuraGuard Products Inc. has grown into a worldwide leader of the lighting industry. DuraGuard Products is an OEM manufacturer of commercial and industrial lighting fixtures as well as many other electrical products. In-house fabrication and powder coating, two of our many services, are part of the reasons we can offer you greater flexibility in your lighting options. 

Meeting your needs

We are here to help you

We tailor-make our fixtures to meet your specific needs. With five factory locations nationwide and a consistent, large inventory on hand, it’s easy for DuraGuard to make your schedule our schedule.


How we can help

DuraGuard offers a large variety of lighting products to meet your specific requirements. With five locations nationwide, we can quickly meet your needs.

Custom wired fixtures with the lamp type, wattage, voltage, and options you need.

Standard and special order colors to complete the color scheme of the installation.

Photometric layouts working with your site plans and code requirements in your specific construction areas.

A wide assortment of accessories and options allow the fixtures to be customized to the job location and purpose.

We want to serve you!

See how we can help you improve your home? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will make sure to meet your needs!