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Lighting pollution is a serious threat to sea turtles. To protect them, The FWC (Florida Wildlife Commission) has set a standard for lighting fixtures approved for turtle areas:

  • Fixture must be fully shielded and downward directed
  • Light source shall be long wave length 560 nanometer light
  • Low wattage fixtures = low brightness

The FWC only certifies fixtures that are visible by the shoreline. For the full list of certified fixtures and more information, visit here.Below are our Florida Wildlife Commission Certified Turtle-Safe lighing products. View our line of Amber LED lighting products here.

LED Amber Turtle-Safe

DuraLED Amber Garage Lighter

Model : VN55Q

Wattage : 39-52w

Amber Small Wallpack Full Cutoff

Model : WPC12Q

Wattage : 22w

DuraLED Amber Round Dome Bollard with Louvers Main Image

Extruded Aluminum Housing with Flush Mounting Base and Vandal-Resistant Screws, Domed Top, Internal Ballast Tray for Easy Maintenance...

Featured Model: DTRBWAALQ