Gooseneck LEDlights

Gooseneck LEDlights

Gooseneck groupIn Stock and Ready to Ship! The Gooseneck LEDlights series provides a classic design appearance for wall mounted fixed and adjustable luminaires. Combining Gooseneck Decorative Arms with our LEDicated LED fixtures eliminates the problem of heavy fixtures and outdated incandescent bulbs.

  • Available luminaires are our VP53, FL20, FB1, AS20, KH15, and LV1A
  • Series features 5 different arm designs with two wall plates
  • Ideal for retail centers, universities, restaurants, service stations, and facilities needing architectural styled accent lighting


  • Heavy-duty aluminum arms
  • Platinum, black, red, and white powdercoat finishes standard, custom colors available
  • Mount with 3/4″ square or round mounting plates
  • Arms and mounting components are also available sold separately
  • Optional shades, visors, and wireguards

For complete details, download your copy of the specification sheets from our website here:
Gooseneck LEDlights Series