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DuraLED Batwing 16" LED Aisle Lighter

Model: HB44QK

The DuraLED Batwing 16" LED Aisle Lighter is designed to replace HID lighting systems up to 400w MH. Typical applications are medium and high stack warehouse and cold storage facilities. Suitable for 16 to 30 foot mounting heights based on light level and uniformity requirements.

Die Cast Aluminum Housing with External Heat Sinks for Cooler Operating Temperatures. Includes 4" Stem. Maximum Stem Length: 30 Feet. White Powdercoat Finish Over a Chromate Conversion Coating. Custom Colors Available Upon Request. Tempered Clear Flat Glass Lens, Mount with Included 1" Malleable Hook.

Array: 169w; System: 178.5w

HB44QK Spec Sheet
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