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July 15, 2019
Amber DuraLED

Amber DuraLED Linear Die Cast Fixture

In Stock and Ready to Ship! The newest fixture in the Amber DuraLED series is the LV4A 48″ Linear Die Cast. This fixture is in stock and ready to ship! Visit our website for complete details on this fixture and more in the Amber DuraLED series. Our Amber DuraLED series of specialized amber LED lighting […]

DuraLED Garage Lighter

DuraLED Garage Lighter with Smart Controls

Our VN55Q DuraLED Garage Lighter is our LEDicated replacement for our VN50 and VN51 models with improved performance and smart controls. It meets the DLC zonal lumen requirements as a Parking Garage Luminaire, and is perfect for use in parking garages, gas stations, residential exteriors, entryways, walkways, stairways, and perimeters. The included surface-mount Easy-Hang bracket […]

DuraLED path light

Palm Harbor DuraLED Path Light

In Stock and Ready to Ship! Our new Palm Harbor NP20 DuraLED Path Light provides full cutoff lighting for outdoor paths, walkways, and landscape areas. Mount using 3/4″ diameter threaded stanchion. Designed to replace Halogen and Compact Fluorescent systems Uses wide spread SoftLED LumaLens optics Typical applications include retail centers, industrial parks, schools and universities, […]

DuraLED Decorative Canopy

DuraLED Decorative Canopy Lighting

The EasyLED decorative canopies are part of entire families of aesthetically pleasing fixtures for your job site including pole top area lighting, canopies, bollards, and wall sconces. All of the full-cutoff canopy fixtures were designed exclusively for our EasyLED Arrays. IP65 sealed LED compartment SoftLED lens option available on select models Amber option for ECCP30Q […]

FWC Turtle Safe Lighting

Turtle-Safe Lighting Fixtures

Lighting polution is a serious threat to sea turtles. To protect them, the FWC (Florida Wildlife Commission) has set a standard for lighting fixtures approved for turtle areas. Fixture must be fully shielded and downward directed Light source shall be long wave 560 nanometer light Low wattage fixtures = low brightness The FWC only certifies […]

LED Surface Mount Retro Kits

LED Surface Mount Retrofits

Our SLR7Q (7″ round) and SLS7Q (7″ square) LED Surface Mount Retrofit luminaires feature vandal-resistant diffusion lenses to provide smooth light with no glare. Perfect for new construction. Replaces up to 100W Incandescent Use as LED replacements over 3″ or 4″ recessed outlet boxes for surface mount globe and drum fixtures, or in canopy mount […]

DuraLED Entry Light

DuraLED Polycarbonate Entry Light

In Stock and Ready to Ship! Our new WP7 DuraLED Polycarbonate Entry Light provides optically controlled wide spread light distribution. Mounting heights of 8 to 12 feet can be used based on light level and uniformity requirements. ADA compliant Replaces up to 70W 120-277V photocell included Typical wall mounted applications include retail centers, industrial parks, […]


480V Twist Lock Photocell

In Stock and Ready to Ship! Our new P18157 480V Twist Lock Photocell is available in a variety of our LED area lighting, flood, and wall mounted fixtures. Control passage, street, and doorway lighting automatically in accordance with the ambient lighting level. This photocell features low power consumption and an electrical life of 5000 cycles. […]

ColorLED fixtures

ColorLED Fixtures

In Stock and Ready to Ship! We offer ColorLED optics in several of our popular DuraLED and COB fixtures. Typical lighting applications include retail centers, industrial parks, hospitality, schools and universities, public transit and airports, office buildings, and medical facilities. Wash facades or accent architectural details with vibrant ColorLED lighting. Add a pop of color […]

Gooseneck LEDlights

Gooseneck LEDlights

In Stock and Ready to Ship! The Gooseneck LEDlights series provides a classic design appearance for wall mounted fixed and adjustable luminaires. Combining Gooseneck Decorative Arms with our LEDicated LED fixtures eliminates the problem of heavy fixtures and outdated incandescent bulbs. Available luminaires are our VP53, FL20, FB1, AS20, KH15, and LV1A Series features 5 […]

LED Linear Die Cast

LED Linear Die Cast Fixtures

In Stock and Ready to Ship! Our Linear LV Series offers higher lumen output and multiple sizes. The LV1A 1′, LV2A 2′, and LV4A 4′ are part of the LEDicated series designed specifically for LEDs. These fixtures can be used as wall packs, flood lighting, or canopy and garage lighting and are best suited for […]

Low Profile LED Highbay

Low Profile LED Highbays

In Stock and Ready to Ship! Our HB30C3 and HB31C3 Low Profile 16″ LED Highbays are ideal for use in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, indoor sports facilities, and retail and big box stores. Mount with included 3/4″ die cast hook. Options include surge protection and microwave sensor. Replaces HID lighting systems up to 400W Suitable […]

LED Sportslighter

LED Sports Lighter/Architectural Flood

In Stock and Ready to Ship! Our new SP52Q Sports Lighter and Architectural Flood luminaire features specially designed optical systems to provide uniform light levels for sports applications and architectural lighting. Four NEMA beam patterns include NEMA 2Hx2V, 3Hx3V, 4Hx4V, and 5Hx5V. Mounting heights up to 80 feet can be used based on light level […]

Retrofit Base Kit

Bollard Retrofit Base Kit

In Stock and Ready to Ship! Our new BREBASE allows any of our bollards to be retrofitted to the existing anchor bolts, even if they are for another manufacturer’s bollards! This retrofit base is constructed of die cast aluminum with powdercoat finish, includes hardware, and fits all models of DuraGuard round and square bollards. For […]

Linear LED Highbay

HBLC3 Low Profile Linear LED Highbay

In Stock and Ready to Ship! Our new HBLC3 is a low profile Linear LED Highbay with a wide optical distribution. Suitable for 10 to 45 foot mounting heights based on light level and uniformity requirements. Replaces up to 1000W HID V-Hangers and 3′ 3-wire cord included Typical applications include warehouses, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, indoor […]

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